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Welcome to the Living Colour discography. On these pages you can find almost everything that's been released by and about Living Colour. If you have something that's not on this page and you think it should be included (it should!!) please mail the details to us. You can go to the various sections by following the links at the bottom of this page. On most of the pages you will find a small image. To view a larger one just click on it and click on the large image to get back. Have fun!!


CD = Compact Disc
3CD = 3" CD-single
5CD = 5" CD-single
LP = 12" vinyl album
7" = 7" vinyl single
12" = 12" vinyl single


May 3, 1998

Added a new bootleg in the bootleg section and added a different cover for the Time Is Now bootleg

April 30, 1998

After a long time of doing nothing with these pages, I finally decided to restart my work on these pages. Most of the images on these pages were rescanned so they look better than they did and are a bit smaller. I'll be adding some new items these next days.


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